Manna from Heaven

For the last couple of days I have tried to write up what we have been going through here in Rexburg trying to get help. I have been filled with so much joy from the outpouring of love form online friends that it has been a challenge to write about the icky stuff. It doesn’t sting as bad anymore.

After the meeting with the Bishop I was so upset that my Lupus flared. Because of the kindness of the donations from you wonderful people I was able to go to the Dr. I had enough money to go to the Dr. and to fill ALL 6 of the scripts he wrote. Sometimes I just pick the most important ones. The Dr. actually seemed happy about it and said we should work on my thyroid (the radiation I had killed most of my thyroid) and wrote me the new script I had needed. He also said I have to see a Rheumatologist ASAP and is helping me get in faster. I have enough money now to be able to go! THANK YOU!

This is by far the worst flare up I can remember. The dr. put me on 80mg a day of prednisone for two days and then taper off for a week. The prednisone has made it hard for me to talk let alone type. The side effects are rough but worth it! The other meds are helping without any side effects. I don’t know yet how to thank everyone. I will find a way;)

I don’t know how people feel about names so I am going to stick with stories. Not only did we get donations that are helping beyond belief, people have come to my house! I am not a leper after all!:)

I had no idea how having our basic needs met has changed our situation. We were burning off so much of our energy trying to just feed the kids that things felt like they were getting darker and darker and there was no where to turn. Being able to get groceries, gas and medications has taken off such a great burden that we can start planning for the future.

All these years paying tithing and fast offerings I was so impressed with the church welfare system. I bragged about it to all my friends and family and it was just another witness to me that the church was perfect. Now, actually having to go and ask for church welfare I am blown away. It was nothing like I was told it was. I feel strongly that my fast offerings, from now on are going to go directly to the needy. I am not handing it over for it to be given at the Bishops discretion. Not all Bishops are humble enough to want to help the needy.

A super sweet family from Logan stopped by our house Friday with a box of food, toilet paper and a ton of clothes for my 13yr old girl. She is even set for school! It has been like a fashion show around here! In the box was also a pair of shoes for my son. I wish they could have seen the way he screamed when he got them. Here is a pic of him changing from his ratty shoes to his brand new ones!

photo (22)

Today was the best Sabbath day I have had in a while. This fantastic family from Utah came to visit with us and brought us some stuff. They gathered donations and brought them all the way to Rexburg!!! It was so nice to visit with real people. Yes there are some real people here in Rexburg but the majority fall in to the “Rexburg Culture” and it is hard to connect with them. We do have 1 really awesome family that is our friends and have been so good to my kids.  I also have a fun quilting buddy here. I am a little worried that when they read my latest post and the ones to come it will strain those relationships but it feels so good to get it all out!

It is amazing, maybe even a miracle that all the cloths donated to my kids fit! They all are happy and it has been another fashion show around here today!

We officially now have enough money for me to see the Rheumatologist, have enough gas money to take my 9yr old to SLC to see his neurosurgeon, and pay off the most important medical bills. We have enough toilet paper to last at least two months. I also got a special treat in the mail from bath and body works and a gift card to get more!  I have a friend in Alaska that has been through it all with me. I haven’t told her about how hard it has been lately but she must have some sort of ESP… I got a huge box of Bare Mineral and brushes from her. Yesterday when I checked the mail there was an anonymous note and $20! I hope I can thank this person someday. I feel so pampered!

I can’t wait to pay this forward someday. I also can’t explain how many ways this has helped us.  One really big thing is having the medications I need. When I don’t, it really effects my mental and physical health. Lupus affects so many parts of the body and is really sensitive to stress. Not having to stress on basic needs helps me physically also.

I keep thinking of more things:)   The neighbors had a moving sale and we had enough from donations to get a couple of things we really needed like a trash can! I was also given two books that look like they will be great reads.

My friend Ruth and her whole  family have been such a support. I am sure they are wiped out. They are like family and I hope to not be such a pain in the future:)

Thank you for everything and as my Lupus fog lifts I will add more to this list!

4 thoughts on “Manna from Heaven

  1. i am happy that you have had your needs met and how you are coping with so much on your plate. it must be hard for you and your husband and by the sounds of it your kids are coping better than most. keep your head up and your confidence strong……

  2. I’m glad others are helping you out. I wish I could do so. Too bad so many are beholden to the idea that those with illness issues are lazy somehow. I’ve known people with Lupus, it is real.

  3. You aren’t a pain, anymore than your children are a paint to you. You are loved so much more than you know. I only wish I had superhuman strength in order to show you!!


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