A little about Leah

When I was asked to write a victim impact statement I had no Idea what to write. I searched the internet and found one. The situation was different than mine but it really helped to give me direction. So I decided I would put mine on the internet in hopes that it might help someone else. Of course I will change all my children’s names for their privacy. I am also hoping to continue adding as we make it through this horrible situation. I felt so alone when I found out that three of my children were being sexually abused for two years by my step son. I had a friend who was going through a similar situation. I don’t know what I would of done with out her family. I felt so alone. On days I could talk to my friend I felt stronger. We were both in a horrible place but being there together made it more bearable.

One thing that has been hard is that my family all seems to be at different stages of grief. I will try to blog my way through this tragedy.

I have to try and get through this one day a a time. When I start thinking about everything at once and what the possibilities of the outcomes could be for my abused children I get paralyzed with fear and am unable to function. For those who know me, it is those days I can’t answer my phone or my door. Those days seem to come to often.

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